Bid Approach

  • More risk to Owner and Contractor
  • Sets up adversarial relationship among Contractor, Architect / Engineer, and Owner
  • Contractor protects self-interest
  • Gets low cost bids
  • High charges for change orders
  • No contractor involvement during planning stage
  • Requires good cost estimator
  • Emphasize price
  • Assumes that the quality workmanship will be the same with all contractors
  • Price is the deciding factor
  • Legal cost can be much higher

Negotiated & Design Approach

  • Less risk to owner and contractor
  • Sets up “team” relationship among contractor, architect / engineer, and owner
  • Contractor works for owner
  • Emphasizes quality
  • Reasonable charges for change orders
  • Heavy involvement of contractor during planning
  • Requires a good conceptual estimator
  • Emphasize service, price is streamlined by evaluation and efficiency of design
  • Chooses contractor and subcontractors on the basis of work and track record
  • Considers experience, quality, reliability, on-time completion, and creativity
  • Legal costs usually lower

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